Who we are

The National Gynae-Oncology Registry (NGOR) is a clinical quality registry that monitors the quality of care provided to Australian women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers (cancers of the female reproductive system). The registry is managed by a team in the Cancer Research Program, part of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University.

Our purpose

The NGOR is a clinical quality registry designed to measure and monitor patterns of care following diagnosis of cancers of the female reproductive system. The aim of this registry is to identify variation in the treatments and outcomes of patients with newly diagnosed gynaecological cancers, with a view to improving patient outcomes and quality of care.

The Modules

The registry is operating an ovarian cancer module, in which patients with newly-diagnosed ovarian, tubal and peritoneal cancers whose care was managed by a participating gynaecological oncologist at an approved hospital are being recruited. The NGOR is in the process of expanding to three further modules, for endometrial, cervical and vulvo/vaginal cancer. We aim to include all gynaecological cancers in the future. To view a list of participating hospitals and clinicians, refer to the Participating Health Services and Hospitals page.


More than 756 women with newly-diagnosed Ovarian, Tubal and Peritoneal cancers have been recruited to date


30 Gynaecological Cancer Specialists (Gynaecological Oncologists and Medical Oncologists) are participating


17 public and private hospitals across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia are actively participating in NGOR, with applications for 13 more sites in progress across these 4 states and South Australia